Edible Front Yard with Native Buffer

This small suburban front yard needed a facelift.  The client wanted to make this high-use area more cozy and productive without breaking the bank with watering costs. The family also wanted to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. So we designed a cozy stone patio surrounded by edible landscaping with integrated rain gardens for seasonal deep soaks to increase the drought-tolerance of the perennials and fruit trees.  To create some separation from the street without blocking the view or deterring neighborly visitors, we created a native buffer and packed it with plants that attract nectar-suckers and other beneficial critters but need…

Portfolio Twelve: Cozy Homestead with Market Flower Garden

This project was already in pretty good shape when we were called in.  The owners are Do-It-Yourselfers, just wanting a burst of productivity to get them to their vision a bit quicker.  There were three primary areas for development: #1  Orchard Improvement, #2  Creation of a Market Flower Garden and #3  Establish a Beneficial Hedgerow for privacy and wildlife. (more…)

Portfolio Eleven: Dog-friendly Native Backyard

As in most cases, the overall design of this landscape is driven by existing solar patterns. The space here is long and thin and moves from sun to shade and the winding creek bed ties the entire landscape together. The southwest corner being the sunniest, it is the best area for a lawn and social area. Moving Northeast, the area becomes shaded by existing trees from both on site and from the neighboring property. The shade opens where the creek bed is (more…)

Portfolio Ten: Knee Deep Cider Orchard

When flood waters come rushing up and into your house, the first thing you think of is an orchard, right?  Well, in this case that’s what we did.  Our clients had about 2 feet of floodwater in their house the winter before we started the Knee Deep Cider Orchard project.  We explained that this specially designed earth-shaping for the orchard would not only hold back the floodwaters but it would use it….and use it to grow fruit for cider! (more…)

Portfolio Eight: 1906 Farmhouse Garden

This property is magnificent. The farmhouse, built in 1906, was recently renovated. Since the home had come alive again, it seemed time to revive the surrounding landscape as well. After a thorough design interview with the client, we realized that there were actually 3 projects within the whole system of work: the Courtyard Renovation, the Creek Restoration & the Flower Garden Creation. (more…)

Portfolio Six: Barefoot Backyard

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Portfolio Two: Beautification

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Portfolio One

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