Ranch Road Resiliency

Ranch roads can be a constant maintenance task if not designed well. There are several spots the property that can be reshaped to minimize erosion and thus minimize maintenance. The primary design element that is use is called a “Rolling Dip.” It is subtle solution to low maintenance road construction that blend in to the landscape.


The Rolling Dip:

the most basic and most reliable cross drain for ranch roads
Rolling Dip diagram

Designing Rolling Dips

Rolling Dip Plan View copy
Key aspects of the Rolling Dip:

  • – suitable to drain roads that having grades between 3% and 15%
  • – collects surface runoff and directs the flow across the roadway to reduce erosion
  • – a gentle velocity of flow must be sustained through the dip to prevent puddling and keep sediment moving through the drain
  • – must be sized according to the dimensions of vehicles to be used on the road

Rolling Dip Side View copy
Constructing a Rolling Dip