winter-veg-bowlspring_harvest_1Here in California we are blessed with a Mediterranean climate that allows us to grow food all year long. Whether it's plants that grow for one or two seasons like lettuce and chard or perennial plants that produce year after year, we can help design and select site appropriate plants for your needs. Chances are it will surprise you how many different varieties can grow all year long. We can install and educate you about different methods of season extension for both the summer heat and winter cold, like hoop houses, cold frames and shade cloth. We also offer strategies for protecting frost susceptible plants and trees, like citrus. Even in the cold and wet months there are several crops that are frost resistant, which produce food, bring color to your yard, and help amend the soil. In our designs we are always thinking of four season food potential, and balance. Location, water quantity, and seasonal protection from frost allows for an abundance of food. We don’t forget four season flowers as well, many of which attract beneficial insects and create beauty in the garden. When it comes to food selection and production, the sky is the limit!




We can help you grow food in so many ways!

FRUIT & NUT ORCHARDS Not just trees anymore!

Vineyards Let them graze and guild!

Animal Husbandry Chickens & Milkers & Bees Oh My!

Edible Landscapes Eat the View!

Soil Health Life Down Below

You can't have a garden or an orchard or food for that matter, without soil...and all the microscopic critters that live there. There are many way to improve the soil health on your property no matter what state it's in. We use strategic applications of compost, compost tea, biological extracts, mycorrhizal inoculants, cover-cropping, etc. We offer microscopic analysis for both chemical and biological soil studies.

Annual Veggie Production A Rainbow of Flavors!

CIDER ORCHARDS Nothing to waste, but everything to taste!

Beneficial Hedgerows A Home for So Many

The basic structure of hedgerows offer homes for many beneficial critters, natural privacy screening, and living fence for larger animals. But when filled with native and edible plantings, they need almost no maintenance once established. They are beautiful and amazingly functional. LEARN MORE

Pruning & Propagation Planning for the Future!