Summer is here in Sonoma County! And to make sure your garden and home landscape is ready, we have put together a few tips.

As always, WISE-WATER USE is key to success here in Sonoma County. So let’s start with a few things you can do to optimize the water you use to maintain your garden and landscape:

  • REDUCE THE DEMAND by Replacing Your Lawn with drought-tolerant plantings such as natives and Mediterranean species. Checkout the many rebate programs available in our area!
  • FOCUS THE FLOW by Utilizing Drip Irrigation to minimize water-usage by allowing for consistent yet adjustable flow directly where it is needed.
  • DOUBLE YOUR EFFORTS by Reusing Household Water (otherwise known as “greywater”) from washers and such, to irrigate the landscape
  • MAKE IT LAST by Mulching around plantings and in pathways to minimize evaporation and compaction which keeps the soil moist longer, increases overall infiltration of waterings and suppresses unwanted plants.

Getting the JUNE BLOOM!

  • LESS IS MORE! Thin the little FRUIT TREES:
  • SNACK TIME! It is a great time to give your heavy feeders a little food. They are very active and need to have plenty of energy to get it all done.   Worm Tea is an easy way to get them a little power boost.
  • OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Dead-head roses and other flowers as the first round of blooms finishes.  Cut blossoms for bouquets early in the morning and get them into deep, warmish water quickly – the stems will take up the water and remain fresh longer in the vase.
  • MIND THE GAPS! Fill in empty spaces in flowerbeds or borders with annuals such as zinnias, container sunflowers or impatiens.
  • YOU’RE GONNA GIT IT, SUCKAS! Pull or prune suckers from the bottom of sucker-prone plants such as wisteria, crab-apples, poplars, etc.  If you have wisteria, prune it aggressively after bloom, cutting back to 2 nodes on new branches to ensure a robust display of bloom next year.  You should prune it again in the fall, also.
  • PARTING IS SUCH SWEETNESS! As the weather warms the aphid problem will lesson. But continue to be on the lookout for any remaining colonies and spray them off with water.
  • VACATION = IRRIGATION! If you plan to be away this summer, ensure that you have someone to water, or set up your irrigation system on automatic timers.
  • HANG ‘EM HIGH! Hammocks, that is. However you do it, hammocks or otherwise, make time and space to hang out in your garden. You’ve earned it