Community Soil is a Santa Rosa-based business offering consultation, design, installation, and maintenance of edible-restorative landscapes and farmsteads throughout Sonoma County and beyond.  We also act as a community liaison by offering outreach programs and educational consultations that inform people about local activities and resources that support ecological sustainability. Our holistic approach utilizes ecosystems as a model for design to ensure low impact, low input, and abundantly beneficial outcomes at urban, suburban, and rural scales.

We create and manage: 4 season food production, orchards & food forests, bio-intensive gardens, greywater/rainwater systems, erosion control, soil building & fertility, lawn conversion, wildlife habitat, integrated pest management, beneficial hedgerows, insectary gardens, drought-tolerant landscapes, drip irrigation, native plantings, garden structures,cob ovens/benches & stonework

As part of our community outreach and education goals, we have established the Community Soil Foundation (CSF).  Check out our newest project: Larkfield Community Garden Project & Learning Center

This short video gives an overview of our services,
philosophy and approach to ECO-logical land management
services that integrate food and habitat.

Landscape Contractor # 967566

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